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2007-07-17 20:53:49 by MegaGamer2

Enough about tht-me, I can't wait to get my hands on an Xbox 360 along with a list of the great games I made while watching E3'07

Halo Wars------------------------------------Release Date: N/A
Halo 3---------------------------------------Release Date: Sep 25, 2007
Gears of War---------------------------------Release Date: Nov 7, 2006
Assassin's Creed-----------------------------Release Date: November 2007
Grand Theft Auto 4---------------------------Release Date: Oct 16, 2007
Call of Duty 4-------------------------------Release Date: N/A
Turok----------------------------------------Release Date: Feb. 5, 2008
Tom Clancy's End War-------------------------Release Date: N/A
Fracture-------------------------------------Release Date: N/A
BlackSite: Area 51---------------------------Release Date: Sep 3, 2007
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed---------------Release Date: Spring '08

The one I'm looking forward too the most right now is Halo 3-FINSH TEH FIGHT lol


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