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Xbox 360 Games Update

2008-03-27 19:37:00 by MegaGamer2


(the sound of crikets chirping)

Ok, fine, whatever. It's been a while since I actually got off my lazy ass and did anything productive for this website, and I thought that since we were on spring break I'd give the community an update as to whats going on in the Xbox 360 gaming community.
: note-this blog mostly focuses on FPS (First Person Shooters), RPG (Role Playing Game), and RTS (Real Time Stragety) games.
: : So if your into guitar hero, go to someone elses blog

First up we have Grand Theft Auto IV (4) coming out on April 29 (sweet) according to the 1up news
Article and GTA 4 is also rumored to have online support, turning it into an MMO.
: hopefully, this one wont suck like San Andreas multiplayer

Next, for The Orange Box fans valve has announced new maps and game modes that will be downloadable from the 360 marketplace for free! (unless Microsoft wants to be a total Douche and stick a price onto the wonderful gift that Valve wants to give us)

Turok was released early last month, however, after playing the demo I relized that the aiming system sucks, which pretty much ruined the whole game for my self and many others.

I was REALLY disappointed when Ubisoft didn't come through with the release date of the most anticpated RTS game of the year Tom Clancy's: Endwar which was schedualed to be released some time back in February. Although they did make some nice new updates to the website ^^

Bioshock 2 Oficially Announced

Halo Wars has a (semi)new trailer featuring some of its gameplay mechanics

Gears of War 2 Announced at GDC '08

This was basicly all the big and important stuff for the games listed above, but if you want me to list any more games just let me know and I'll look them up for my next post (as long as it includes some kind of gun I'll probably be willing to mention it)

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: "The cake is a lie"

Xbox 360 Games Update

Enough about tht-me, I can't wait to get my hands on an Xbox 360 along with a list of the great games I made while watching E3'07

Halo Wars------------------------------------Release Date: N/A
Halo 3---------------------------------------Release Date: Sep 25, 2007
Gears of War---------------------------------Release Date: Nov 7, 2006
Assassin's Creed-----------------------------Release Date: November 2007
Grand Theft Auto 4---------------------------Release Date: Oct 16, 2007
Call of Duty 4-------------------------------Release Date: N/A
Turok----------------------------------------Release Date: Feb. 5, 2008
Tom Clancy's End War-------------------------Release Date: N/A
Fracture-------------------------------------Release Date: N/A
BlackSite: Area 51---------------------------Release Date: Sep 3, 2007
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed---------------Release Date: Spring '08

The one I'm looking forward too the most right now is Halo 3-FINSH TEH FIGHT lol